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Advice purchase the wind turbine

advice purchase the wind turbine in Vietnam 

Wind turbines accounted for 60% of total investment and decide the success of the project, so the purchase turbine is the most important!

Based on the feasibility of the project, the assessment of the level wind,the location of the project, assembly equipment, transport capacity, permit connection to the grid, ...We help buyers select appropriate wind turbines, and drafting a purchase agreement to buyers to buy wind turbine quality commensurate with their money and power output obtained as expected

Understanding that, VIWICO not only based on theoretical knowledge but also practical experience by working for decades in the German wind power plants. Our wind power engineers also directly involved in wind power projects in Vietnam, we also come to the factory turbines of different countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, China, ... to witness the production and assembly of the turbines large and small firms ranging from turbines 200kW, 275kW, 900kW, ... for the turbines to 1MW, 1.5MW , 2MW, .... for the turbines to 1MW, 1.5MW, 2MW, ...

We have the information on hand to assist our investors to make their best decisions of turbines for the success of the project.

Wind Power Projectsmade by VIWICO

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