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Design investment project

vietnam wind power design investment project


  • Research and evaluate investment market.
  • Determine the time and scale investment.
  • Select a form of investment.
  • Survey and select investment areas.

The next investor must make investment project which show in two documents. We believe in ourselves that VIWICO're going to solve the problems of investment to bring the most suitble solution because "benefits of investment is VIWICO's goal"

As we know, when the project is not formed, feasibility studies and feasibility research reports is made. Feasibility studies are very important in the preparation project process to affect project process and exploitation project.

Although this stage, the calculation of project is overview and emotional but its impact to project greater than the detail calculation in next time.

Everyone also can make investment project?

Follow law the construction projects to make (the feasibility study report) the contents involve the explanations and the basic design.
The conditions of individuals and organizations who is permitted to make investment projects the law explicitly stated in Article 38 - Construction Law No. 16/2003 / QH11; Article 42 of Decree No. 12 / 2009/ND-CP

Viwico not only satisfy the policies law but also understand that we can only help investors in the effort, deep understanding and "take one step forward."

Wind Power Projectsmade by VIWICO

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