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With experience and understanding of wind power in Vietnam, we always give you the best choice for your wind power projects.

Economic and technical report shall be made when the person who decide investment to be not necessary to design investment projects

To help investors monitor & control all aspects of the project & encouraging all people who participate in projects to achieve the objectives of the project

Wind turbines accounted for 60% of total investment and decide the success of the project, so the purchase turbine is the most important!

Research, consider the good or bad affection to environment is necessary. Today, the world is in a state of alert on the environment and natural disasters.

With experience in wind power projects, we have full advantage in bidding consultants to achieve the highest results.

For the projects invested by the private investor test is checking the correct volume is very important. 

We believe that VIWICO're going to solve the problems of investment to bring the most suitble solution because "benefits of investment is VIWICO's goal"

Viwico we confirmed their quality based on the results brought back to the client. By the investment Report concluse full requirements and deliver good results.

Anemometer system that VIWICO also offers a variety of types and designs, manufacturers, .... to meet demand and choice for customers.

Vietnam is one of the countries is assess to have the good potential wind among Vietnam, Laos, Campuchia & Thailans.

Wind Power Projectsmade by VIWICO

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Điện gió việt nam

Mr Tuan "wind" commented on Vietnam Wind Power, made by Focus in Vietnam - VTC Television