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Our Partners

đối tác điện gió việt namVietnam Wind Power Construction Consulting Company cooperate with the distribution of wind power equipmentand and service providers around the world, to help us to be the best that we can be.

To achieve our Vision "To become the most reliable company which investors and partners believe in VIWICO in the wind energy sector", we must ensure that we are fully equipped and always up to speed whether in terms of wind power technology or human resources.

With a clear Business Philosophy, we always have close relationships and trust with partners, this can help us bring the best solution for wind power projects in Vietnam.

We always consider and cooperation with partners in Vietnam and the world. If you are interested in becoming a partner with us, please contact us.


  • Mien Trung Wind Power CompanyVietnam wind power of viwico
  • Viet Hai Company
  • Viet Thuat Company
  • Institut of Machine
  • Energy Institut
  • Viecode
  • Martin Bencher (Shipping and Freight Forwarding company) - Representative at Vietnam


Đối tác điện gió nước ngoài

Đối tác Windforce Đối tác Vergnet Đối tác Argolabe
 Windforce Partner (Germany)  Vergnet Partner (French) Argolabe Ingenieria Partner (Spain)


Our partnerspartnership make power

Wind Power Projectsmade by VIWICO

Videolatest video

Điện gió việt nam

Mr Tuan "wind" commented on Vietnam Wind Power, made by Focus in Vietnam - VTC Television