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Potential wind assessment

Vietnam wind power potential

Vietnam is one of the countries is assess to have the good potential wind among Vietnam, Laos, Campuchia & Thailans.

To be a country located in the tropical monsoon, which lasts from 8 º N to 23 º N, with 3,200 km of coastline. Eastern Sea has a strong influence on climate and wind in Vietnam.

To enjoy the advantages of potential wind, but to make a wind power project with a capacity of rational production of high real output power, fast payback, low-cost projects, the assessment of potential wind is one of the prerequisites for bringing successful and profitable projects to investors.

With technical expertise, experience, Viwico ready to give investors the choice to Viwico a suitable project and the benefits that investors should be entitled to sources of investment than they spend.

Wind Power Projectsmade by VIWICO

Videolatest video

Điện gió việt nam

Mr Tuan "wind" commented on Vietnam Wind Power, made by Focus in Vietnam - VTC Television