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Project management consultancy

vietnam wind power project management consultancy

Projects often have characteristics as mentioned below, so the project management plan to help investors monitor and control all aspects of the project and encouraging all people who participate in projects to achieve the objectives of the project on time and with reasonable costs.

  • The project is defined in terms of space and time
  • The project is an obvious target
  • Projects are not repeated
  • The project was maked by a limited resources
  • The project can be divided into a independence series of activities and closed with each other.

Capture and well managed project will provide active and highly beneficial to investors

The contents of the project management

  • Management project plan (overall)
  • Management costs and humans
  • Management time and schedule
  • Management contract
  • Management construction and installation
  • Management Risk of Project
  • Management operation of project

Wind Power Projectsmade by VIWICO

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Điện gió việt nam

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