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Gia Lai wind power project

vietnam wind powerVietnam Wind Power Construction and Consulting (VIWICO) signed a contract with Tay Nguyen wind power company take steps to promote the project for Gia Lai Wind Power Plant include two factories located in two different locations in the province of Gia Lai. Gia Lai Wind Power plant in operation promises to deliver a clean energy source for the region, especially to create jobs in the province.

  • Gia Lai I wind power: 21MW in Pleiku, Gia Lai
  • Gia Lai II wind power: 19.5MW in Dak Doa district, Gia Lai

VIWICO is a private company in Vietnam at the forefront in the field of consulting and construction of wind power. VIWICO was conducted to assess the potential of wind in the area of ​​the project: collection and analysis of wind data for at least 12 months

Investment reporting and investment permit application for Gia Lai wind power plants

Records plan elaborated with 1/2000 for wind power plants (Gia Lai I & Gia Lai II)

Additional records project on wind power development plan for the national wind power plant

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