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Wind Power Construction Consulting: Cau Dat Wind Power

viet nam wind powerWith speeds reaching 6 to 8.5 m / s, Lam Dong has enough elements to develop wind power. Wind power project in Da Lat (Lam Dong) is being developed to efficiently exploit this resource.

Cau Dat wind power project to be built at Tram Hanh (Dalat) with a capacity of 300MW, is divided into 10 stages, each stage of 30MW. According to the schedule, the project will begin phase I (30MW) in 12/2011. This construction period is expected within 24 months.

Once in operation, Cau Dat wind power project will bring clean energy to meet the demands of life and contribute to economic development, creating jobs for local labor and resources symbiotic such as: reduced emissions, particularly under the head wind farmers can still be farming.

In terms of socio-economic, area to build wind power projects are not large land so not immigrant resettlement, no major impact on the lives of people living around the area. The project will also help create jobs for workers, increased funding for local.

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