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Wind Power Construction Consulting: Tuy Phong Wind Power

vietnam wind power construction

Tuy Phong Wind Power Plant is the first wind power plant in Vietnam was put into operation, and the largest in Southeast Asia.

The project is a large-scale wind power first in Vietnam, by Vietnam Renewable Energy JSC (REVN) as an investor. This project has a total capacity of 120 MW with 80 turbines will be completed in 2011 through several stages

Phase 1: 20 turbines (height:85m, rotor diameter: 77m, capacity: 1,5MW, the total weight of turbine: 89.4 tons, tower: 165 tons)

The whole plant is provided and staff by Fuhrlaender - a manufacturer of wind power equipment world-renowned German. This project is installed by engineers and experts of JSC Vietnam Fuhrlaender wind power. Total investment of this phase is over 816 billion.


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