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Provide wind measurement system

vietnam wind power provide wind measurement system

According to government regulations, the investor must be reported wind data measured continuously for at least 12 months. Therefore,assessment of wind potential is important for wind power projects, directly affect the selection turbines for wind farms and power generation capacity, the economic interests of the investor and stakeholders.

With the experience, knowledge and our understanding of Binh Dinh, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Tay Nguyen, ... and wind areas in the country, bring VIWICO ensure customers decide high quality anemometer , ensure technical requirements and in particular in accordance with the project characteristics and needs of the customer.

Also with the development of wind power industry worldwide, the production technology is also increasingly modern and diverse. Anemometer system that VIWICO also offers a variety of types and designs, manufacturers, .... to meet demand and choice for customers.

We are committed, anemometer is to ensure the quality of the IEC international standards and meet the stringent requirements of thespecifications, test strips, equipment assembly process, ..... In addition, the guidelines , test certificate of quality, warranty will be providedto the investors fully to meet the procedures oforganizations, banks and stakeholders.

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