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Looking for an exciting and rewarding career? You have come to the right place.

Join our team of professionals who are working quietly and brilliantly in the background to help businesses to shine. Whether you are considering a permanent or an internship position, you will be amazed to see that as the business grows, you grow too.

Our work

We partner with our clients and make them more successful by delivering quality solutions and building teams of creative problems solvers and can-do achievers passionate for results.

Our corporate culture

We create an environment where people feel happy to work. We encourage people to speak up and speak out their minds, to discuss with us what they are passionate about. We support each other to achieve our goals.

Your development

We believe in lifelong learning and offer an environment of mutual support where you are given the freedom to grow, make mistakes and become better.

We support, guide and encourage you to have your own plans and ideas for your personal development and growth. Bring them to the table so together we can help make them happen.

Wind Power Projectsmade by VIWICO

Videolatest video

Điện gió việt nam

Mr Tuan "wind" commented on Vietnam Wind Power, made by Focus in Vietnam - VTC Television